The Design

Design is made with a deep commitment inside the Centrostile, furnished with advanced hardware and software instruments to explore newest style concepts and to develop every step of the projects.

Sketching and painting, CAS molding, hard and clay molding, 3D printers, wood modeling machines are the accessories that allows us to manage in self-sufficiency all the steps from the initial draw to the definitive maquette.
The exclusive design of the new SWMs is clean, flowing, functional and light. It gets inspiration by the deep brand tradition and by those original stylish solutions that made the brand famous in the past. For example, the Silver Vase model, icon of the Seventies, is equipped with the typical trapezoidal tank restyled in modern key on the new range.

A particular care was dedicated to the color choice, to the graphic design and the research of specific materials, with the goal of creating a connection with the traditional models maintaining a pleasant and modern “family feeling”.


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